• Sex: Male
  • DOB: 17/07/2020
  • Colour: White
  • Sire: Hotaru Momoko (FCI)
  • Dam: White Tsuki Trump Hunter (FCI)
  • Breeder: Trump Hunter (Ukraine)
  • Pedigree: Nihon Ken Pedigree Database

Yoshie is a foundation Kishu dog here at Ounoki Kensha, who lives with fellow Kishu ‘Bushi’ and his owner Sam, up in Durham.

Yoshie will begin his part as a breed ambassador for the Association of Nihon Ken, travelling to events and shows to promote and represent his breed.


We are currently in the process of health testing Yoshie.

Genetic Data

  • COI: 5.09% Pedigree



Other fun facts about Yoshie!

  • TBA