Rikajule Villiage Beauty

French Bulldog

2nd October 2017


Maddie is a dog I never expected to get. I worked for her breeder and previous owner as a photographer where I quickly fell in love with Maddie. When her breeder retired due to COVID-19, she kindly allowed me to adopt Maddie and bring her into my home, where she lives as a spayed companion. Maddie’s temperament is where she shines- she adores everyone and has never met a stranger. However, she is not a fan of strange dogs since she was spayed, and falls on the spectrum of dog reactive. Maddie is a fantastic hiking companion and more than keeps Akiko and I entertained with her Frenchie theatrics!

In our hearts


The Brightest Star in the Sky

Border Terrier

14th January 2005 – 16th October 2019

Scamp was my heart and soul, and he took a part of me when he left us at the age of 14. Scamp was my constant companion and the one true constant in my life throughout everything. Scamp came from a pig farm, from working parents with no papers, though I posthumously recorded him on The Kennel Club activity register to forever grant him the name ‘The Brightest Star in the Sky”, because that is what he was.

Scamp was and shall always be my best friend, and he is missed more than words can say.


Cleo & Scamp

Ffair Rhos

Labrador Retriever

7th February 2003 – 11th September 2014


Cleo was my first dog, and was my introduction to the purebred world. She was a field line Labrador down from the incredible Leadburn lines. She was a once-in-a-lifetime dog who left behind a huge legacy when she passed away from cancer at the age of 11. Cleo was a friend to everyone she met, and could make even those fearful of dogs fall in love with her. She is sorely missed every day.