Due to the rarity of the Nihon Ken breeds, we aim to place puppies in co-ownerships and co-operative breeding homes based on suitability for both the owner and the dog.

Our puppies are sold under contract which requires them to be at least two years old before they are spayed or neutered. This allows us to evaluate the puppies for future preservation. This includes all puppies bred by Ounoki Kensha, not just those on co-ownership.

Our contract also states that we must be contacted in the circumstances that you need to return or rehome your puppy. Ounoki Kensha will always accept our puppies back, and we require rehoming to be done through us to ensure our puppies stay safe, and out of shelters. Our puppies are part of us, and we will always accept them back at any point in their life.

Ideally we want to place our puppies within the United Kingdom to support the growth of the breed here. Exceptions may be made, though the additional cost of exportation must be paid in full by the buyer.

Our puppies will be socialised in all areas and from a young age. Puppies will be evaluated at various ages so they can be matched appropriately to the right owner. We typically do not allow owners to pick their puppies, as we want to match you with the right dog for your lifestyle.

All of our puppies will be Embark tested before they are sent home. This price is included in the cost of the puppy.

Ounoki Kensha also offers rebates to support you and your journey with your Kai Ken puppy. These rebates are available for you earning any titles or achievements with your puppy, or for performing health testing (BVA or OFA).

Our puppies are FCI registered.

As part of the Ounoki Kensha family, you will have lifetime support.

Due to the age of our foundation bitch, we will not be expecting our first litter until 2021. At Ounoki Kensha, our priority has been to allow our foundation bitch to grow and mature. As Kai Ken are slow maturing breeds, we will not breed any dog under three years old.

However, you are welcome to fill in a puppy form and secure a place on our waiting list if you are willing to wait. Our puppy application can be found here.

Kai Ken often have small litters. We are expecting 3-5 puppies, so even if you are confirmed to be on our wait list, you may not get a puppy from our first litter. At the current time, we are expecting our first litter to be spoken for.

Our current plan is to hopefully breed in late 2021, pending Akiko’s hip and elbow scores which we plan to perform in July 2021. This is not certain and may change depending on circumstances. Our planned sire is Kirin No Mori Ojin. The trial mating can be viewed here.


We currently have no tentative plans for our first Kishu Ken litter, and are not looking to take applications until at least 2022. Thank you for your patience!