• Sex: Male
  • DOB: 23/10/2013
  • Colour: White
  • Sire: Kenichi Go Kishuu Yoshitaka Sou (NIPPO)
  • Dam: Maika Go Shirai Shinyuu Sou
  • Breeder: Gentle Heart (Czech Republic)
  • Pedigree: Nihon Ken Pedigree Database

Bushi is a neutered pet Kishu, living happily with his owner Sam, and is an honorary member of Ounoki Kensha.
Bushi was one of the first Kishu Ken to be imported to the UK, along with Gentle Heart’s Benihime and Doremihime. Unfortunately, the three Kishu found themselves in need of rescue.
Despite a rough start to life in the UK, Bushi has overcome everything, and is now a neutered companion. Bushi is a gentle natured dog who wants to be friends with everyone he meets, making him a perfect ambassador for the Kishu ken.

Bushi does his part as a breed ambassador for the Association of Nihon Ken, travelling to events and shows to promote and represent his breed.

Genetic Data

  • COI: 0% Pedigree

Other fun facts about Bushi!

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