Ounoki Kensha started as a small beginner Kai Ken owner and future breeder based in Shropshire, and has grown into a co-operative hobby breeding program by Astor Williams (Kai Ken) and Sam Browne (Kishu Ken).

With only a tiny number of known Kai and Kishu currently residing in the UK, our focus is to not only support future Kai and Kishu owners, but to fight for breed recognition within the United Kingdom Kennel Club. Our dream is to help with the preservation and future of the Kai Ken and Kishu Ken by educating and introducing people to these beautiful Japanese breeds. Our aims are to breed healthy and sound Kai Ken and Kishu Ken, following the breed standard to produce confident, active companions.

While we are only starting out, we want to offer information and a point of contact within the UK that we felt wasn’t available when we first began researching this breed ourselves!

We also own the Nihon Ken Network and are part of the Association of Nihon Ken.